hdpe steel mesh skeleton composite pipe dn160-1.6mpa

The characteristics of hdpe steel mesh skeleton composite pipe:
1. It has higher pressure bearing strength and creep resistance.
2. It has more rigidity and impact resistance than ordinary pure plastic pipes, and has a low linear expansion coefficient similar to that of steel pipes.
3. The inner wall is smooth, does not scale, the frictional resistance of the water flow is small, the water delivery capacity is large, and the energy consumption is reduced.
4. Good corrosion resistance. The inner and outer layers of the pipe are made of plastic, which has the same excellent anti-corrosion performance as the plastic pipe.
5. Light weight, convenient for loading, unloading and transportation.
6. Using electrofusion connection, construction is quick and convenient, and the joint does not leak.
7. Because it is a composite structure of steel and plastic, it overcomes the rapid stress cracking phenomenon of plastic pipes.
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  • Whether to import: no Material: hdpe Nominal pressure: 1.6 (mpa)
    use: Water pipe Manufacturer (origin): Ningbo Wall thickness: Subject to actual measurement (mm)
    colour: black length: Length can be customized (m) Nominal outer diameter: Subject to actual measurement mm)

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