hdpe socket type carat tube dn500

The characteristics of hdpe socket type carat tube:

1. Socket type hdpe winding reinforced pipe hot winding forming weld seam quality is high.
2. Socket type hdpe winding reinforced pipe connection is simple and reliable: the pipeline adopts throttling socket connection, throttling design socket, which has great flow resistance to liquid, plus the double insurance of EPDM rubber ring, the connection quality high. To ensure the consistent life of the interface and piping system and the safety of operation.
3. Socket type hdpe winding reinforced pipe has better flexibility: the throttling socket type hdpe winding reinforced pipe has good flexibility on the macro level, and the local pipe section has strong rigidity and resistance to external pressure. It can ensure safety when used under heavy load. In addition, due to the flexibility of the pipe material, in the event of an earthquake, uneven ground settlement, etc., the damage loss of the pipeline can be minimized, thereby improving the ability of public facilities to resist earthquakes and reduce disasters.
4. The socket type hdpe winding reinforced pipe can be recycled and reused: its main raw materials are high-density polyethylene and polypropylene, which are non-toxic, and no pollutants are generated during the production process. Waste pipes can be recycled and reused.
5. The socket type hdpe winding reinforced pipe is corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, and has a service life of more than 50 years: high-density polyethylene has a strong resistance to chemical corrosion.
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  • Whether to import: no Material: hdpe Nominal pressure: 1.6 (mpa)
    use: Water pipe Manufacturer (origin): Ningbo Wall thickness: Subject to actual measurement (mm)
    colour: black length: Length can be customized (m) Nominal outer diameter: Subject to actual measurement mm)

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