hdpe hot melt carat tube dn200

Features of hdpe hot-melt carat tube:

1. Winding in hot-melt state, the inner and outer walls of the structural wall are wound synchronously, and the whole pipe is uniform without welds.
2. Air cooling is adopted, and the heat stored in the pipe is completely dissipated in the forming, without internal stress, no delamination and cracking.
3. Cold demoulding. When the pipe is cooled to normal temperature, it will be demoulded by mold shrinkage, so the pipe will not be deformed. The hdpe hollow wall winding pipe adopts domestic equipment and technology, uses high-density polyethylene material (hdpe) as the raw material, and is wound into a hot melt state. It is water-cooled and conforms to the a-type structure specified by the national standard gb/t19472.2-2004 Wall tube. In the process, a square tube is first extruded, and then shaped after cooling with water, then wound into a circular tube, and then cooled with water. In this way, the following defects will appear: a) There are obvious welds, and the length is long, and the quality is difficult to control.
4. The water cools quickly, the heat dissipation is uneven, and there is stress on the structural wall. Spring-like cracks often appear when the control is not good.
5. The outer wall is smooth and cannot effectively suppress the longitudinal displacement caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the pe material, which often causes stress concentration at both ends of the pipeline, damages the joint or the connection between the pipeline and the inspection well, and forms water leakage.
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  • Whether to import: no Material: hdpe Nominal pressure: 1.6 (mpa)
    use: Water pipe Manufacturer (origin): Ningbo Wall thickness: Subject to actual measurement (mm)
    colour: black length: Length can be customized (m) Nominal outer diameter: Subject to actual measurement mm)

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